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Personalised Tips

Receive fun, simple activities to do with your young children (age 0-5 years). All the tips have been developed by early years researchers and are tailored to the age of your child.

Outcomes / Benefits

All the activities have been designed to help you spend more quality time with your child and improve their language, reading, maths and socio-emotional skills.

Community of parents

Answer questions about yourself and your children to unlock activities and find out what other parents are doing.

Activities bank

All of the activities you unlock are stored in the app, so you can access them again and again.

How It Works

Tig is completely free, just download the app on your Apple or Android phone
Create an account and add your children
Fill out a short questionnaire to help us personalise and improve the service
Receive two questions a week. Each time you answer a question you unlock an activity!
See how other parents responded to the week’s questions
Store your unlocked tips to use them again and again

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